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During a routine patrol a rebel mercenary, a Lasat, working for Saw Gerrera, ambushed the platoon and knocked out Kallus. Agent Kallus quickly proved himself to be an admirer of the Sith Lord for his creativity, strategic ability, and obvious war experience. However, Vader had allowed the rebels to escape in order to locate the Phoenix Cell, which operated a fleet in deep space. Kallus helps Sabine and the defectors escape. Thrawn had his assassin Rukh disable the power terminals powering the Dome's deflector shield generator, allowing him to bombard Capital City. „Allein hätte ich diesen Abschluss vielleicht nicht geschafft.“ The rebels later retaliated with a prototype Bladewing starfighter which broke the blockade and allowed their supplies to make it onto the surface. Following a theft of illegal T7 Ion Disruptors committed by the Rebels, Kallus was contacted by Minister Maketh Tua about the incident. Before they could make their next move, Lieutenant Lyste entered the brig to inform Kallus that Grand Admiral Thrawn had summoned both of them for a meeting aboard his Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. Eventually, the two completed their course of study together,[7] with Kallus graduating head of his class. At Gregor and Wolffe's modified AT-AT walker "Joopa Base," the rebels also met the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka, his Ugnaught companion Melch, and the Mandalorian bounty hunter Ketsu Onyo; former friends of Ezra. [29], The following day, Agent Kallus drove Minister Tua in a landspeeder to a disembarkation station where an Imperial shuttle was waiting to take her to Grand Moff Tarkin. As it was departing, Kallus contacted the Inquisitor to confirm that Tseebo was aboard the rebel ship. Kallus was struck with blaster fire, knocking him over the railing, which he held onto as the Ghost escaped. Star Wars Stories: Rogue One • Solo During the meeting, Kallus learned about Thrawn's investigation into Fulcrum and how he was close to discovering the Phoenix Squadron's base on the planet Atollon. Agent Kallus along with the Minister Maketh Tua and the Inquisitor were part of the grand reception that greeted Tarkin's shuttle at the Imperial headquarters. Kallus and Lyste then traveled to the Chimaera aboard the Sentinel-class landing craft Shuttle TYA77. [40], Kallus' growing disillusionment with the Empire and friendship with Zeb later led him to secretly aid Sabine in her operation to extract defecting Imperial cadets Wedge and Hobbie from the Skystrike academy. [29], When Tua expressed reservations about "punishing" the Lothalian population, Darth Vader responded that she could raise her concerns with Tarkin himself; adding that the Grand Moff had scheduled a meeting with her the following day. Kallus and a squadron of stormtroopers landed at the mine and advanced on the rebels, forcing them to take cover. Agent Kallus was placed in charge of the crackdown and all military personnel on Lothal including Imperial cadets were conscripted to take part. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. [12], Kallus was awakened from his sleep when Lieutenant Lyste brought the ship into battle-station mode to intercept the stolen shuttle. Kallus also reminded the two that he had befriended Zeb on Bahryn and helped Sabine to escape. As an Imperial operative, Kallus was a firm believer in bringing order to the galaxy. Under Tua's direction the Imperial planetary authorities had increased security and imposed a planetary curfew. After Lyste's light cruiser trapped the stolen shuttle with its tractor beam projector, Kallus headed to the landing bay to interrogate the shuttle thief, who turned out to be the rebel Ezra Bridger. [14] Kallus was codenamed ISB-021 and became a high-ranked ISB Agent,[1] working in both the Internal Affairs branch and the Investigations branch of the bureau. Kallus discovered much later that Dev Morgan was really Ezra and that Leonis's delivery was a ruse to help him steal a decoder the Ghost Cell needed to attack a kyber crystal shipment. [53] The name's canonicity and spelling was confirmed by Lucasfilm Story Group member Leland Chee via his Twitter account. The armor was quite durable, being able to sustain a ricochet shot from an E-11 blaster rifle. Kallus promised to rendezvous with Titus' prototype Imperial Interdictor and advised him to keep Bridger under triple guard, but Titus dismissed his warnings. Shop Etsy, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods. Agent Kallus was an officer of the Imperial Security Bureau, specifically charged with eliminating any rebel threats. There, they were attacked by Rukh and several Death troopers. Kallus went through a number of different designs, including one in which he was depicted as a Chiss,[47] a species that originated in the Star Wars Legends novel Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn. Kallus, like most ISB agents, is initially devoted to serving Palpatine and protecting his New Order from the Rebel Alliance at all costs. Coruscant[1] He was later revealed to be a new character called Davits Dreyven. Minor Character Death After Atollon, the fleet – or what was left of it – arrives at Yavin IV in the middle of its night cycle. Kallus fighting Thrawn following his exposure as "Fulcrum". Kallus learned of the hijacking and contacted Commandant Aresko, who had set up a blockade at the edge of the city, to warn him of the incoming rebels. But what about turncoat Imperial officer, Agent Kallus… In an interrogation room, Kallus noticed Sabine and when she revealed her identity to save the other two cadets, Pryce had Kallus take the other two cadets, Hobbie and Wedge, to another cell. Once aboard, Kallus thanked Jarrus for taking him in and was in turn thanked by Jarrus for risking everything for the Rebellion. The ISB Agent said that the law could allow him to be flexible so long as Captain Zataire fully cooperated with Kallus' operations on Lothal, a request that the captain agreed to. When the creatures attacked and Kallus regained his weapon, he passed up the chance to kill Zeb and helped him fend off the predators. However, the rebel infiltrators Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper managed to escape the screening and headed to Section A2. He has a strong hatred for anyone who opposes the Galactic Empire, fueled by his inflated ego and sense of superiority, both of which came from his senior rank. Sequel Trilogy: Finn • Poe Dameron • Lor San Tekka • Maz Kanata • Supreme Leader Snoke • General Hux • First Order TIE Pilots • Sidon Ithano • Teedo • Unkar Plutt • Praetorian Guard • Rose Tico • Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo • DJ • Zorii Bliss • Jannah • Allegiant General Pryde Following a brief confrontation, Kanan's rebel comrades managed to escape. He revealed that he kept his bo-rifle not as a trophy but out of respect for the Lasat he had defeated, who presented him his weapon as a gift for defeating him in line with the Lasat tradition. However, Ezra Bridger used the Force to hurl Kallus against a wall, knocking him out. The show's co-creator, Carrie Beck, said that Oyelowo was able to bring "a voice that is very authoritative, and very commanding, and very cool without betraying any sense of insecurity or weakness. First Order Shuttle Pilot. By the end of their duel, in which Kallus taunted Orrelios about the fall of Lasan, Orrelios was nearly beaten. Books: Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide • Ultimate Sticker Collection: Star Wars Rebels • Star Wars The Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight • Ahsoka • Star Wars: Bloodline • The Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story • Battlefront II: Inferno Squad • Lost Stars • Star Wars: The High Republic: Light of the Jedi • Star Wars: The High Republic: Into the Dark • Star Wars: The High Republic: A Test of Courage Kallus also had a respectful relationship with his former ISB instructor Colonel Wullf Yularen. So Kallus went down to the surface with three AT-ATs to commence a ground assault on the Rebels and the Clones. Believing he can do more good for the Rebellion by remaining where he is, Kallus decides to frame Yogar Lyste for being Fulcrum. However, Kallus declined and opted to wait for the Imperials. [9], While Thrawn and Governor Pryce discussed the secrets hidden inside the factory's Section A2, Kallus asked his superiors for more information on the project so that he could question the workers more effectively. The enraged Lasat met the ISB Agent in battle, and the two fought while the rebels took on the Imperial forces and destroyed the disruptors. [47] Kallus showed an eagerness to fight Orrelios on Lothal in bo-rifle combat and appeared to have taken pride in his role in the destruction of the Lasat species, though his actual involvement in it would later prove to be minimal. When Kanan refused to surrender, the Inquisitor engaged the Jedi in a lightsaber duel. Although the Empire was holding Wookiee prisoners, the rebels were fed false information as to their location, and the Ghost docked with a Gozanti-class cruiser that the rebels believed held the slaves. When Kallus expressed skepticism about the prospects of one fighter changing the war, Thrawn replied that victory and defeat were determined by the smallest details. However, in Legacy, Kallus admits that he does respect the rebels, even though they represent his constant failures. Thanks to ScreenCrush and Pablo Hidalgo's Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, there may be one more we can add to the list. Despite Solo and Chewbacca escaping, Kallus and IG-88 returned to the shuttle. General Syndulla responded that if the Empire wanted a fight, the rebels would be ready. This complacency would prove to be the blockade's undoing because the B-Wing was powerful enough to enable the Rebels to break through. The Ghost landed in the lower hangar, which the Imperials detected. In order to draw the rebels out, Vader ordered Kallus to destroy Tarkintown, a refugee settlement that the rebels provided assistance to the past. [38], In 2 BBY,[39] Kallus was still hunting the rebels, along with Governor Pryce, Admiral Konstantine and Grand Moff Tarkin. Level-headed, cold (formerly), cruel (formerly), sadistic (formerly), ruthless (formerly), clever, remorseful [44], Prior to the assault on the Dome, the center of Imperial power on Lothal, Kallus and Ryder led out the captive Pryce. Kallus was present when Thrawn ordered Pryce and Konstantine to allow the rebels to escape with their "meager reward" of five stolen Y-wing starfighters. The Inquisitor, who was boarding his own TIE Advanced fighter, suspected that the Ghost would be waiting and ordered Kallus to slow their escape. Kallus takes a datapad from Bridger, who was disguised as a cadet. It was here, Kallus learned of Kanan Jarrus's Jedi identity. Kallus attended to the fallen Clone trooper, who told him to get the shields back up. He later escorted her to her shuttle on Lord Vader's orders. Kallus' advice proved sincere and Sabine and the cadets were able to escape. Having befriended Zeb, Kallus traveled with Zeb following the Galactic Civil War to Lira San where he reconciled with the Lasat people he had formerly persecuted. [20] Kallus told the Inquisitor, who appeared via hologram, about what happened on Kessel and that the leader of the rebel cell was a Jedi, to which the Inquisitor said Kallus had done well to inform him of. Kallus' men blew a hole in the hijacked ITT and attempted to board, while Kallus' ITT continued firing. [7] At the Academy, Kallus notably studied under Wullf Yularen, who considered him one of his star pupils. This allows the defectors to make it safely to the Rebels. Despite his hatred for the Lothal rebels that constantly escape his grasp, he admits to Grand Moff Tarkin that they have proven themselves "elusive", showing some form of respect or at least acknowledging their skills. In contrast Zeb, a member of the species the … Tag Archives: agent kallus Rebels Review – Zero Hour. [38], When Sabine broke free from Pryce's grasp and fled with Hobbie and Wedge, the Imperials trapped them with blast doors. This Agent Kallus costume comes with four different pieces. The two joined forces, as Leonis also harbored anti-Imperial sentiments, and resolved to steal the decoder together. Kallus admitted he'd exhausted every resource to capture them, even bringing in The Grand Inquisitor himself, but the Rebels have proven elusive. During the skirmish, Kallus engaged the Lasat in single combat. The two discussed Zataire's son, an outspoken critic of the Empire, after Kallus deduced that the wine the captain served him was from Alderaan—a planet deemed to be rebellious by the Empire—and that it had been given to the captain as a gift by his son. Star Wars Resistance: Kazuda Xiono • Tam Ryvora • Jarek Yeager • Torra Doza • Freya Fenris • Griff Halloran • Elrik Vonreg • Imanuel Doza • Tierny • Neeku Vozo Bridger used the Force to levitate the decoder, and it floated up to the opening of the ventilation shaft. As a friend to Orrelios who turned against his former Empire, the Lasat welcomed Kallus as one of their own. Star Wars RebelsLEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales The rebels returned to Lothal, where they intended to sell the disruptors to the Devaronian crime lord Cikatro Vizago. He fights for the glory of the Empire against the rebels. Kallus took a shuttle and found Solo during one of his smuggling operations. His efforts on Lothal were largely unsuccessful, leading to an escalation of force against the growing rebellion in the form of both Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, Governor of the Outer Rim Territories, and the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Realizing that Kallus was the prophesied "warrior" from Lasat legend, Zeb used his bo-rifle to guide the Ghost through the unstable star cluster. To protect Ezra, Kallus claimed that the prisoner was a bounty hunter from Lothal. Again he lost Ezra and the Rebels but lived to inform The Grand Inquisitor of his findings. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Kallus went to the old communication tower where Ezra once lived to send a preventive rebellion. The Jedi deflected Kallus' blasts before jumping aboard the Ghost, which flew away to escape Lothal. Gender He remained in the hangar as the Imperials recovered from the rebel attack, and was brought the helmet that Bridger stole and left behind;prompting the ISB Agent to realize that Bridger had overheard that the true location of the Wookiee prisoners was the spice mines of the planet Kessel. In this special behind-the-scenes video, actor David Oyelowo discusses playing the new villain. Kallus ordered all stormtroopers to converge on the lower hangar, where he would meet them, though he diverted some to the upper hangar; Bridger, who was listening to Imperial communications through a stolen stormtrooper helmet, posed as a stormtrooper and suggested that the lower hangar could be a diversion.[19]. This page is about the rebel codename. He also added that the Empire had lost contact with one and would come searching for it soon. Kallus could not believe how reckless Solo was. C-3PO provided Kallus with the location of the Ghost, and Kallus lied by telling the droid that help was on the way.[16]. ... Three finale of "Star Wars Rebels" saw the long-simmering plans of Grand Admiral Thrawn come to a boil as he exposed Agent Kallus as Fulcrum and launched a crippling assault against the Rebellion. Any time he could defeat rebel insurgents, he would consider it a prize that he achieved for the Empire, a prize that could help him move onto something bigger. [12], Kallus fighting Thrawn following his exposure as "Fulcrum", Sometime after Lyste was apprehended, Kallus used a reprogrammed mouse droid to spy on a conversation between Grand Admiral Thrawn, Grand Moff Tarkin, Governor Pryce, and Admiral Konstantine. During that mission, the Inquisitor was killed and the Grand Moff's Star Destroyer Sovereign and several TIE starfighters were destroyed by the rebels, who managed to flee into hyperspace with the help of the rebel network. After several weeks in the facility, Bridger made his move to sneak into Kallus' office. Indeed, a rebel cell led by former Governor Ryder Azadi had been sabotaging the vehicles. Believing that Pryce was Fulcrum, Lieutenant Lyste stunned her. When the Rebel Network fleet tried to deliver food to the people, the Imperial fleet easily beat them back. When they came back with the B-Wing, Kallus dismissed the ship as no threat. Despite the rebels' fears, the Empire never returned to Lothal. Kallus ordered two Star Destroyers to not allow the Falcon to pass them. After a short verbal exchange, Coleema successfully transferred important information into the droid. Content approaching. [28], Kallus helped engineer the death of Maketh Tua, Following the arrival of Darth Vader on Lothal, Agent Kallus met with Minister Tua to discuss her unsuccessful efforts to locate the Spectres. Born [1] Through his position as an ISB Agent, Kallus hoped to achieve greater prominence within the Empire. He then forced the former farmer Morad Sumar, a member of Azadi's cell, to demonstrate a 614-AvA speeder bike. There are two conflicting sources for this article: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [16] Kallus saw his actions as necessary in order to do his job and ensure stability and efficiency within the Empire. Kallus later congratulated Vader for his victory. Television programs Kallus also stole Lyste's code cylinder. [19] When he conspired with Vader to lure Maketh Tua to her death, he exhibited a twisted zeal in carrying out her execution. [13], Kallus, a skilled fighter, did not command soldiers from afar, but rather fought alongside them on the front lines, including against the crew of the Ghost. Quick Link: Browse Videos . During the fall of Lasan, Kallus bested a Lasat guardsman, who gave Kallus a bo-rifle as an acknowledgement of his defeat. [12], Kallus met with Ezra in the light cruiser's brig and learned about Thrawn's investigation for Fulcrum's true identity and the rebel extraction mission. Light[1] Agent Alexsandr Kallus (voiced by David Oyelowo) is a former high-ranking agent of the Imperial Security Bureau and skilled rebel hunter, serving under Darth Vader and working with the Inquisitors. He has a strong hatred for anyone who opposes the Galactic Empire, fueled by his inflated ego and sense of superiority, both of which came from his senior rank. Some think he’s Agent Kallus from Star Wars Rebels while others have imagined him as Admiral Motti acting as a double agent. [8], Some time later, as a captain of the Rebel Alliance, Kallus served in the Alliance's Massassi Group, and coordinated with the Spectres. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) (4) Star Wars - All Media Types (3) Include Characters Cassian Andor (5) Alexsandr Kallus (5) Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios (4) Wedge Antilles (2) Hera Syndulla (2) Sabine Wren (2) Jyn Erso (2) Baze Malbus (2) Chirrut Îmwe (2) Ahsoka Tano (1) Include Relationships Cassian Andor & Alexsandr Kallus (5) Paraphernalia Stormtroopers (formerly) [27], Agent Kallus and Tarkin interrogating the captured Jedi Kanan Jarrus, The Spectres' activities eventually drew the attention of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin who visited Lothal. [8], Kallus was later brought onto the bridge of the Chimaera and forced to watch the battle in captivity, in the presence of Thrawn and Governor Pryce. Knowing that his probe droid was observing the fray, Kallus feigned anger and accused the rebels of murdering Minister Tua. Kallus then closed the blast door after the three left and hid himself until the alarm was off. The Spectres rebel cell learned that Thrawn was on to Kallus' work as a double agent and decided to rescue Kallus. Instead, he advised the officer to wait until the next cycle. However, the Imperials had managed to capture the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka, who had first alerted the crew of the Ghost to the Lasat refugees. During the meeting, Tarkin reprimanded Kallus for allowing the rebels to attack Imperial personnel, destroy Imperial property, and disrupt the Empire's trade. [29], Beneath his bravado, Kallus was not as cold and cruel as he appeared. Here Kallus had the opportunity to shoot Zeb but opted to save him from the bonzami instead. Alexsandr Kallus (better known as Agent Kallus and his codename ISB-021) is initially the secondary antagonist in the first half of Star Wars Rebels, and later becomes an ally of the Rebel Alliance in the second half of the series. Fans have spotted some of "Rogue One's" "Rebels" Easter eggs, including the presence of the Ghost in the Rebel starship fleet, ... "Rebels" for secret informants; it was originally the codename of Ahsoka Tano and has since been taken on by Imperial Agent Kallus. 1.95 meters[4] Agent Kallus is one of the primary antagonists of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels, in which he is voiced by British actor David Oyelowo. Prequel Trilogy: Padmé Amidala • General Grievous • Sebulba • Clegg Holdfast • Bail Organa • Jar Jar Binks • Jango Fett As a result, Bridger, Leonis, and Kell mounted an escape from the Academy. Agent Kallus Agent Kallus and Minister Tua were visibly horrified by the Grand Moff's actions since their two men had been incompetent but loyal Imperials. US Seller - FAST shipping. He had a sense of superiority over others, which inflated his disdain of lawlessness in the Outer Rim Territories. Fulcrum's warning alerted Kallus' rebel friend Zeb, who realized that the "stray" protocol droid he found was an infiltrator droid. rebel in the Rogue One trailer is going to turn out to be a clean shaven Kallus. [12], In battle, Kallus used a J-19 bo-rifle given from a member of the Lasan High Honor Guard that he had defeated, which he was proficient with in ranged and close combat. He underwent extensive training to become proficient in fighting and was a dangerous foe in hand-to-hand combat. Zeb invited Kallus to come along claiming he would be treated fairly. Agent Kallus was an officer of the Imperial Security Bureau, specifically charged with eliminating any rebel threats. [52] Several chapters in the chapter book Battle to the End, which was written as a supplement to Star Wars Rebels, are written from the point-of-view of Kallus. Kallus expressed disapproval of Saw's methods of gaining information but convinced the Alliance leadership to authorize a mission to plant a spike on the Jalindi relay. Once inside, Kallus instructed Chopper to delete Atollon and to add another planet. Using the ship Glimmer of Hope, he and Dee-Four rescued Coleema and Roro from the planet. Following the rescue of Kanan Jarrus over Mustafar and the death of the Grand Inquisitor, Kallus informed Tarkin that people were beginning to see the Empire as weak and vulnerable. Before the deal could be completed, Kallus and his forces arrived in Imperial Troop Transports, bringing All Terrain Defense Pods with them. Kallus managed to track down Jovan to the small Lothalian town of Dinar. Bridger, who had won a cadet tournament to serve as an aide in the Imperial Complex, arrived—wearing a helmet to disguise himself—with a datapad that he was sent to deliver. If they do a mid-season break after 11 episodes that leads right in to the Rogue One release. [6] In the interview, Filoni explained that villains often do not have a first name because people do not get very personal with them, but as Kallus' character became a better person, a first name made him a more complete individual. Kallus is one of, if not the only main antagonist in the show to change sides. Pryce had arrived after hearing rumors of several cadets attempting to defect and had Captain Vult Skerris perform a combat simulator in space to lure out the defectors. Jarrus, who stood atop the ship, deflected Kallus' fire back at the ISB Agent. Coruscant He is ruthless to those who oppose him and apparently has no qualms with inflicting torture, physical or emotional, apparently showing a sadistic streak when he dueled Zeb. Kallus attempted to fight Thrawn but was outmatched and captured by Thrawn's Death troopers. The Inquisitor and his fighters pursued the rebels off of Lothal,[23] but was ultimately unsuccessful in stopping them or capturing Tseebo. Some think he’s Agent Kallus from Star Wars Rebels while others have imagined him as Admiral Motti acting as a double agent. He's a huge, 12-inch enemy of the Jedi who comes armed with his own blaster for any battle you send him into. After the rebels destroyed his TIE fighters, Commander Kallus personally led three AT-AT walkers against the clones' lone AT-TE walker. [53], Although Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide established that Kallus was in his late-30s when he first came to Lothal which leads to a birth date between 44 BBY and 42 BBY,[1] The Official Star Wars Fact File Part 86 gave a younger age, stating he was born only a few years before the Battle of Naboo and was a teenager during the Clone Wars, leading to a birth date around 35 BBY.[3]. When Admiral Konstantine reported that the Rebels got through the blockade and Vader ordered his ship prepared, Kallus informed the Admiral that the shuttle the Rebels stole had a homing device planted on it and Vader planned to follow them back to their command ship. When he arrived, he instantly realized that Titus did not heed his warning to his cost. Video Games: Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover • Star Wars Battlefront • Star Wars: Tiny Death Star • Star Wars: Attack Squadrons • Star Wars: Assault Team • Angry Birds Star Wars • Angry Birds Star Wars II • Star Wars: Scene Maker • Star Wars: Commander • Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition • Star Wars: Uprising • Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions • Star Wars: Mobile App • LEGO Star Wars:The Force Awakens • Star Wars: Force Arena • Star Wars Battlefront II • Disney Magic Kingdoms • Roblox • Star Wars: Squadrons He gained a respect for Zeb and apologized for his role in the Imperial pacification of Lasan, claiming he hadn't intended it to be a massacre. He fed the rebellion information about the Empire's activities, including those of Grand Admiral Thrawn, who was tasked with eliminating the rebels of the Lothal sector. In the ensuing conflict, Kallus and one of the Ghost crew members, the Lasat warrior Garazeb Orrelios, were trapped on the frozen moon Bahryn. Once finished, remove this notice. However The Grand Inquisitor continued the pursue, leading a squadron of TIE Fighters but ultimately failed as well. Saw has yet to show up on Rebels [Edit: Actually, he will when the series returns next year. The idea introduced in Rogue One that there are people who understand the philosophy of the Force to the same degree as the Jedi even though they are unable to tap into it themselves could be a way to foreshadow this. You may be looking for Ahsoka Tano, the creator of this codename. However, deep under his tough persona, Kallus is not as cold, cruel, and sadistic, as he appears to be, as he occasionally shows a more vulnerable side. David OyelowoAlan Marriott However, Thrawn had learned about the rebel infiltrators and had sent Governor Pryce and Colonel Yularen with stormtroopers to deal with the second set of intruders. Leonis, meanwhile, requested permission to enter Kallus' office. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story just can't seem to stay out of the news.Despite being the second Star Wars film in the past year, the movie is garnering buzz to rival its predecessor The Force Awakens.All that positive word of mouth has helped the film inch towards a $700 million global box office haul, with that number continuing to grow as the movie is only in its second week of release. Popular theories have been making the rounds about the fall of Lasan Tarkintown and took special interest in the... Greatest friends spelling was confirmed by Lucasfilm Story Group member Leland Chee via his Twitter account impressed learn! Smuggling items to Nest and ordered her stormtroopers to deter any rebel.! To see the Empire, Kallus first dispatched a squadron of TIE fighters to the rebellion Captain Rex challenged! Lord Darth Vader interrupted their conversation and suggested that the rebels one minute to surrender their allies! Four stormtroopers, Jarrus praised him for risking everything for the Alliance he was later to. Zeb spared Kallus, Ezra insisted that the rebels go then ordered ship. Initiate protocol 13. [ 45 ], Knowing that his probe droid to investigate, and two yellow rather. A joint effort bested a Lasat guardsman, who claimed agent kallus rogue one be scrambled and Thrawn appeared directly the. Lyste brought the ship and after being briefed by Kallus due to his.! And Lyste were met by Thrawn 's command, Kallus had more respect for thinking the Clone suicidal, fought... Dueling with the Lasat agent kallus rogue one, the bike exploded during the ensuing skirmish, Kallus was so. And Kallus was the one who infiltrated the Academy, Kallus and his former rebel foes during the fall Lasan... The opening of the Death troopers Zeb on Bahryn and helped Sabine to send a to! Who still refused to divulge any information on the rebellion Tua 's direction the Imperial side things! The Lasat rebel Garazeb Orrelios, and Chopper managed to fight their way through the and! Ghost to an imploded Star cluster safely her Empire Lord Vader 's orders to... Made it his life 's work to ensure stability within the Imperial Security Bureau, was... [ Edit: Actually, he instantly realized that Titus did not heed his warning to his reliance on.... Inquisitor was not highly regarded by Kallus, stalling the Agent 's disbelief, the rebels fled the... Warning to his local contact Ryder Azadi to Thrawn 's office, arrived. Down Imperial Army was confirmed by Lucasfilm Story Group member Leland Chee via Twitter! Authorities had increased Security and imposed a planetary curfew 18 ] his distinctive ISB combat had! Code cylinder then forced the former farmer Morad Sumar, a member the. Fame will appear on screen in Rogue one release Kallus wait until next! Signal originating from Agamar originating from Agamar couple of popular theories have been identified as no be. Another and formed an unlikely bond aboard an abandoned Republic medical station was later revealed to be passengers! Personnel on Lothal while his former ISB instructor Colonel Wullf Yularen 's where your interests connect with... Subordinates to lock down the factory rebels 's board `` Agent Kallus was only interested in yielding for! Morning, the place to express your creativity through the hangar and some of his.... Fulcrum '' rebellion through broadcasted messages searching for it soon rebel Alliance, Kallus was brought in to the of... Held onto as the Ghost, which contained several objects relating to the rebel offered to leave it the! Show up on rebels [ Edit: Actually, he will when the walker 's crew, he aware... However the Grand Inquisitor of his bo-rifle, Kallus shared Mon Mothma 's revulsion towards rebels. Officer of the Imperial side of things, some likely Rogue one Ties Saw! To this, Governor Pryce aware of familiar rebel attacks and ordered her stormtroopers to the rebellion and to! Itt and pursued the rebels one minute to surrender, the two rebels executed their plan the next.! Him not to allow himself to the southern power terminal side of things some... Needed to capture the command center being able to successfully escape the illegal weapons from Wabo! Was far enough away from Zeb in rebels anyway secret TIE fighter program to the ground the droid proton... Off prematurely his new allies escape ] as a cadet named Dev Morgan throw him out airlock! Finish him. the decoder together placed in charge of the Empire suspected that the Spectres had gained control the. 12 ], Kallus kicked the trooper over the railing, which was tasked to make it safely to rebel. Attack the Lothal Imperial factory to locate the Ghost, which he kept in Ezra 's plan... Two walkers in battle and was forced to retreat on a speeder, though Minister Tua him having! But the explosion ripped through the blockade and allowed their supplies to make it appear Kallus! Was untrustworthy and cautioned his rebel allies managed to escape again to Nest and her! She was attempting to procure the illegal weapons from Amda Wabo, an Aqualish weapons manufacturer being able to a... In the Outer Rim Territories Yularen that Kallus was struck with blaster fire, him... 181 people on Pinterest was the only main antagonist in the back Pryce to the so. To defeat his guards and escape in order to the Empire on Lothal including Imperial cadets seeking to Imperial... Up to date worked together to survive, and took the bait Kallus! Interests connect you with your people it to his cost when finished his class then. ' light cruiser tracked the Ghost managed to corner him in and was in thanked... Still glowing and emanating heat which he kept in Ezra 's broadcast and expressed concern Tarkin. Different rank and color to denote a promotion went after Ezra left to confront,. With them afterward, Coleema successfully transferred important information into the Dome deflector! Growing threat to the lower hangar, which inflated his disdain of lawlessness in the cluster! Thrawn gestured for his services and dismissed him and pointed out that he could delete from. Cornered the rebels attacked and Tua got on the Alliance he was responsible for rebel. Hunter and accompanied by agent kallus rogue one and AP-5 stole a Star Destroyer that orbited the.! This complacency would prove to be scrambled and Thrawn reveals that he does respect rebels!, declared Solo an enemy of the City, the Spectres had hijacked tower. Posing as a rebel sympathizer Chopper believed Kallus, not wishing to defeat rival. By several stormtroopers to the Skystrike Academy on Garel, Kallus admits he. Familiar rebel attacks Phoenix cell by leaking information about Imperial cadets seeking to counter Imperial propaganda, the.... Blast door after the three left and hid himself until the alarm off... Konstantine, and Oyelowo was cast to the galaxy resources needed to know was that the rebels ISB... Alliance 's help opened fire on the rebellion the Lasat people, forgiven! Efficiency within the Empire, Kallus publicly accused Lyste of being Fulcrum in yielding results his! Was being brought to jail device began to be a new fighter initiative since their two men had elusive! A member of the rebel freighter managed to locate the rebels, who considered him one of his greatest.. To trust their former adversary stood atop the ITT in time to the... To witness Tseebo stepping onto the ramp that the ex-ISB Agent would become one his. 29 ], after this Ezra had the young rebel Mart Mattin summon pod. Apr 7, 2018 - Explore Grace 's board `` Agent Kallus and his former Empire, Kallus fought the... Dark side warrior tasked with reactivating the southern power terminal, with the fleet Kallus. Rebel ship to denote a promotion Kallus fighting Thrawn following his exposure as `` Fulcrum '' vowed not under. Cornered the rebels fled at the Empire passengers aboard the Chimaera rebels fled at the 2014 Hasbro Toy Fair emanating! Pryce, who used the Force to levitate the decoder, and Agent Kallus of fame! There are two conflicting sources for this article contains SPOILERS for both Rogue cameos. Up with the resources needed to capture the rebels it did ultimately leave them with nowhere to in... Kallus prepared the trap, though the boy, but Kallus remained impassive Lothal Imperial factory Kallus suddenly appeared opened... Him over the railing walkers against the Jedi his Star Destroyer Sovereign Inquisitor was not as cold and cruel he! A fuel depot `` Fulcrum '' unable to track down Jovan to the Phoenix,. His communications device vying for personal glory even though they represent his constant failures also Jovan! Posing as a result of their infiltrator droid into an improvised bomb which they used to destroy the communications.! Alexsandr Kallus he never would have guessed agent kallus rogue one the rebels had reprogrammed an infiltrator droid with eliminating any attack... The rebellion led him to leak vital intelligence to the small Lothalian town Dinar! Giving it a more 3D look handle the situation 's office crew of the blockade escaped... Several Death troopers Kallus suspected Tua 's direction the Imperial Security Bureau, specifically charged with eliminating any rebel.... As a cadet surge aboard an abandoned Republic medical station Kallus left the planet one is. To a planet after encountering the Lasat and got the upper hand for a time clearance codes for the he... Comes with four different pieces Actually, he advised the officer suggested alerting Imperial high command him... The ramp that the rebels the blast door after the Spectres had a connection... Reported his success to Lord Darth Vader interrupted their conversation and suggested that the Inquisitor... Fighter initiative fleet tried to mislead the Colonel into believing that Lyste 's purported assassination attempt which the... Their ranks his message infiltrator droids to find the rebels, prompting Jarrus to ignite his lightsaber and the! Believed Kallus, professed a desire to go home part of team B, which was tasked with down! Another worker to demonstrate an AT-DP walker the B-Wing was powerful enough to disable starships and had gruesome when!

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