effects of public debt on economic growth

Several studies have analyzed the effect of public debt on economic growth, but, the author is not. 4 0 obj Especially after the financial crisis of 2008, the impact of public debt on the overall economic growth has being a subject for analysis although not … %PDF-1.5 <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> endobj Although the majority of the surveyed literature supports the negative effect of public debt on economic growth, several other studies have found a long-run positive impact of public debt on economic growth through the fiscal multiplier effect. <> Directly public debt has no effect on investment but debt servicing has an inverse relation with public investment. endobj References Cecchetti, Stephen, Madhusudan Mohanty, and Fabrizio Zampolli (2011), "The real effects of debt", BIS Working Papers No. endobj aware of studies that have analyzed the effects of external debt on economic growth in the. Thus an economy grows much faster without public debt than with debt. For years (after 2002), the Albanian Government owes a debt to finance its investments. Further research is certainly needed to fully understand the link between public debt and growth. 3 0 obj endobj %PDF-1.5 The empirical investigation of the effect of external debt on the economic growth of Nigeria shall be … <> The research work under review is aimed at the impact of public debt on Nigerian Economy. Another finding of the research was that public debt indirectly effects growth via public investment. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.44 841.68] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Reinhart and Rogoff (2010 a) found the existence of strong negative effects of high public debt-to-GDP ratio on the real GDP growth rate. However, the main focus of this study is an overview of the effects of external debt on the growth of Nigerian economy on measured by the gross domestic product. Using simple descriptive statistics, they demonstrated forcefully that economic %���� While the economic growth rate is likely to have a linear negative impact on the public debt-to-GDP ratio (a decline in the economic growth rate is, ceteris paribus, associated with an increase in the public debt-to-GDP ratio), high levels of public debt are likely to be detrimental for growth. 1 0 obj endobj 3 0 obj endobj <>>> Research Hypotheses H0 1 domestic debt has no significant impact on the economic growth of Nigeria. There are a lot of empirical studies which focus on developing countries and look at the relationship between … between public debt and economic growth, once we account for the impact of global factors and their spillover effects. Beyond this level, any increase of public debt has a negative effect on economic growth. Nonlinear effects might be more complex and difficult to model than previously thought. This increase in public debt for these countries in the region. 798 Words4 Pages. Those who argue that external debt has positive effect on the economy do that from the stand point that external debt will increase capital inflow and when used for productive ventures, accelerates the pace of economic growth. It is in this sense that borrowing can first be beneficial, so long as it is modest. %���� government debt External debt can be described as the situation where governments face budget deficit due to the hig… The Impact Of Public Debt On The Economy. The Effects Of Public Debt On Economic Growth 1893 Words | 8 Pages. 4 0 obj The results indicated that Public Debt, Unemployment rate and Inflation rate were negatively related to Economic Growth, but not significant as indicators of Economic Growth. context of the EAC region. They also showed that economic growth declines considerably if the public debt-to- GDP ratio goes above 90%. Recent narratives of excessive borrowing by the Ghanaian government for various projects, shows the country’s appetite for more and more extortionate and unaffordable foreign loans. Instability might be a result of nonlinear effects changing over time, across countries and economic conditions. ��Ӎ�r�p��xD����Ϗ��O����vQҡ�wKẘ�,��D��Bl�7�Q�h|�LJ�me�d�5��6���7�B���`S���>�u=���xMO@�ߔ�� ����5��(VS increase in many countries’ public debt-to-GDP ratio. Such a … While there is evidence that public debt is negatively correlated with economic growth, correlation does not necessarily imply causality. The impact of a change in public debt is also analysed using asymmetric panel ARDL method. stream Regardless of the threshold, however, we find significant negative long-run effects of public debt build-up on output growth. In recent years the size of public debt raises significant concern to individuals, governments, investors and the whole body of international organizations as well as financial institutions at large. ��N�|1��=�� mzJ{��'G��M��+���#��y¯w���@X�M�s�������́�o�����=�~r]��Z��R)�B��%�Š+��+�3��m��T�>D��[$�����~��Q�}&l>��.���\Z���h�����,�:�;̢T�g����`���li�^U��`�����bv �V�[GA6���M���K5��$���]�H��[���LJ�[�h���]�E�`�Mi�'պ���ÁDË?����b��7l ��4q��ʈ��q�M2q�"���M}�@���W=����I>OQ��gJ����@j�Y�J�!����#n����ؽ�0����ZH@'���ܪ����1S���?p�.h���;K9�����"!v������1'��1��gR)�g��%^�p�ğc��m\�qH�\�4��\@ԬCr�k��n��GG�c�y�]U��>����ݔ\�h:��j �%m�j�HR�(�'�+���}�k��N ק��xi�@ˍ;�{����^G���ƨJ���B |[,`���bU��SM'��Y� �R8��:��q����H���g�b���|��R��c ��. But, at high levels, private and public debt are bad, increasing volatility and retarding growth. survey on public debt).2 This paper focuses on the long-run effects of public debt. \���=�3o���g��^g�ѯ^�c�n�y��c���fϚl�uC��u9@�Y�RZ���n��ϑ��v��]4-d?a���jt�\=9���ƃ����+{��̲�V�¹���ޭ �l���e�l���ܡKBq�R�j The main problem is that, Kenya government has been relying heavily on public debt, aid and grants as a source of finance. x��=˒�qwF�pY�X6��� How the Large U.S. Debt Affects the Economy . In the first years of transition, in an extreme absence of the domestic production, public debt was used to finance current public administration spending. While high levels of public debt are likely to be deleterious for growth, this negative effect is non-linear and is observed only above a certain level of debt. The financial sector greatly improved, and Equity Bank Kenya became one of the largest banks in East Africa. The survey finds diverse and, in some cases, inconsistent evidence on the relative impact of public debt on economic growth. In particular, a persistent high level of public debt can consequently trigger detrimental effects on capital accumulation and productivity, which potentially has a negative impact on economic growth (Kumar and Woo, 2010). Provided that public debt is on a downward trajectory, a H0 2 external debt does not significantly affect the economic growth of Nigeria. There are both positive and negative possible effects of public debt on the economy. 2 0 obj Our conclusion is that, at low levels, debt is good. Beyond this threshold, a one percentage point increase of the public debt-to-GDP reduces economic growth by 0.08 percent. The following tabl… ~At^s��u*�h.�|4�D��N�R��(9 <>>> stream The government then initiated investments in infrastructure. Economic growth improved from 2% in 2003 to 7% in 2007. This was robust to alternative model specifications. the view that public debt always has a negative impact on the long-run performance of EA member states, whilst its short-run effect may be positive depending on the country. <> A sharp increase in public debt has strong negative effects on economic growth. By 2005, the Kenyan public debt had reduced from highs of 80% of GDP in 2002 to 27% of GDP in 2005. To analyze the relationship public debt and the economic growth of Nigeria. Their impact on investment was zero. This study recommends to future scholars to research on qualitative variables of Economic Growth such as: corruption, political instability and The study investigates the effect of public debt on economic growth in Kenya, between 1980-2013.The choices of period was guided by data availability and escalation of Kenya’s public debt. The positive effects of public debt relate to the fact that in resource-starved economies debt financing if done properly leads to higher growth and adds to their capacity to service and repay external and internal debt. ��7&"����HD6v���4U�BJ7U������?�o��G�;�`������p��Ն�O[m ��d���W�i��*!y� }Eq-+-?k�Evڡj��F�3��(�?��Ϩ;��j�a�ο�eDZISO*2]��q[�̐�YX�5���f�����f��d�^O��F��m��l/�D��?�\�������c�����P�SN4G��/��|�B3�/_�dL*ȴW��u_��LXk�Âm��y�Z��� ��٠=@�y�F���m��0v��ͤ�5z>,k5�0�I�PZ~d��� j����J�i�Ə��U�}5ʠ^����ɞ�5����[T��^�y��sEisEQ��0�5�%��G�{�����z�-7�ƀ%閷����+�z���q��ë��8 >]�4l0̷È���F;u-�OW�˧��X���iһ8�V�}{���O��:NMsR,y����;�BG��hJ�1���O��!��Hn�A�0�������-Î�r�˥u�U=̇z8��^|DI���3�D�=�;�4t@�L��#�L?�׾�u�2-V9��X� O�-��0%�c!~B$�I�k[�����#���~8�D����Ө���i�Gv� 7%g7f���V��z�hu_ �:�?푢����/��(�D�;���3B�KI��#�xm����o��VSt*ш YX��х�������� ��8KT+�����ƒ The federal government pays for defense equipment, health care, and building construction, and contracts with private firms who then hire new employees. sI�C���f0��w 0r���S�>����ʬ��;;YUY�ά����Ӈ���i��=q:���n6�����{����������n}��������^�\����NW���n0��F�U�/����.�7O�����'߽{����j�TU�ŻۧOԢ���E�TM�x���'�?���Y����b�~�q��z��������U�������9a�v�^i���(��3�A��l��C��g��5��!�?���J �a}�����-��%|��O8MOc��Z�m��ǧO^�sT 2 0 obj t1��:N��0O�����]+��o�sJ�u5�D���Y�n�����6����?��J��|Z`���fڤ�4�1��|�vut�ą��(�R���߷oW�-b�m_�Vb��%�f���}Vm��ٴEо�V¶%��T���E6��R�f��|n[� The case that public debt has causal effect on economic growth still needs to be made. 1 0 obj 352, Bank for International Settlements. The relationship between public debt and economic growth has recently emerged again as a hot topic of debate in academia and between policy makers in various countries of the world. These actions have brought into sharp focus the scale of the crisis in Ghana’s financial and economic wellbeing (Nyarko, 2014). JEL classification: C22, F33, H63, O40, O52 Keywords: Public debt, economic growth, … The findings of the study reveal that in the full OECD model public debt exerts a significant negative permanent and positive transitory effect on economic growth. It will indicate that the relationship between the ratio of public debt to GDP and economic growth appears graphically as an inverted U shape. In order to analyze the economic impact of public debt on economic growth, we have considered data from 2005-2016. On the debt-growth relationship, for the whole sample over the period of the study, high public debt (in excess of 90%) has typically been associated with average growth of 0.2% vs 2.6% when debt is low (under 30% of GDP), while for the two middle categories (debt between 30 and 90% of GDP), growth rates are 2.1% and 1.5%, respectively. Our results indicate that an increase in government debt is negatively associated with economic growth in both the short and long-run. A 1% point increase in debt servicing (as a % of GDP) decreases the public investment by 0.2% points. x���MO�0�������۱���&-�6a������i��ǝ1m���5BM��y��f�[5��������M���BY����Z�4\��g�a� It is against this background that Reinhart and Rogoff (2010) pointed out the existence of strong negative effects of high public debt on economic growth. Fiscal policy holds crucial implications for economic growth in both the short and long run. One of the most important factors of pushing investments into the Albanian economy is public debt. In the short run, the economy and voters benefit from deficit spending because it drives economic growth and stability. By diverting society’s limited capital from productive private to unproductive public sector public debt acts as a growth-retarding factor. �܇�K��˽L!�o������#|�嬩�b��mM��0��/�2�!v��B��/S$7���. The link between public debt and economic growth could be driven by the fact that it is low economic growth that leads to high levels of debt. There are several channels through which high debt could adversely impact medium- and long-run growth which have received attention in the literature: high public debt can adversely affect capital accumulation and growth via higher long-term interest rates (Gale <> Furthermore, Pattilo et al (2002) assert that at low levels, debt has positive effects on growth but above the threshold point accumulated debt begins to have a negative impact on growth. variables. The magnitude of the negative permanent effect of debt was found to be larger than the positive transitory effect. iii. These findings are further confirmed through the use of the well-known Hansen threshold method, which found a threshold of 49.83%. It is a source of economic growth and stability.

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