2020 vedic astrology predictions

Venus in Taurus is about taking time to experience the love and beauty in the world around us, to enjoy the pleasures of the senses, and to find creative inspiration through the arts and music. I was looking into the Astrology of this great nation India, where I am born. Abhigya’s predictions were covered by major news channels and he became an overnight sensation. The scandal lumps Biden in with all corrupt politicians. Get free forecast for 2020 for all twelve moon signs. January through March is favorable for travel and taking classes. Starting in April and continuing through June, your hard work on creative projects will pay off, possibly bringing more opportunities. Serious health issues, erratic behavior, and crazy upheaval’s leading to unreliability. He is the founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science – which offers level 1-3 Certification programs in Vedic Astrology. It could happen, but things are different than 2016, when he had a very UNlikable opponent (who people did not show up for in large numbers in 3 key metro areas: Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee/Madison) Also, yes, his base is “fired up” for him, but people are just as fired up AGAINST HIM now. Expect new doors to open for your creative projects and for your children. From October to year’s end, renew faith in yourself and the way that you serve, while trading unhealthy habits for healthy ones. Mars Retrograde in Trump’s 8th house – not good. Also, he has openly talked about needing help in the courts to settle a “rigged” election. It’s a time for laying foundations and building structures and frameworks that will sustain our efforts for a long time to come. If you feel overworked, remember that you deserve time to play as well. January through March is a favorable time to benefit from joint resources and study metaphysical sciences. As per Jaimini Astrology analysis, Donald Trump is going through the Chara Dasa of Cancer (Kark Rasi) which started on 14-06-2018 & will last till 14-06-2026. Since then, he has been impeached, investigated, and beset by enemies (including past advisors, family, you name it). When a ruling planet occupies its own house, it is most effective for generating the things we want in that area of life. Currently the Academy has more than 250 students enrolled. Marriage Date Prediction One of the Biggest Research and Scientific Validations in Vedic Astrology by Jothishi.com PTI December 03, 2020 11:44 IST (Eds: Disclaimer: The following press release comes to you under an arrangement with PRNewswire. Mid-August through early November is most advantageous for taking powerful and purposeful action to reach your goals, further your ambitions, and assume leadership roles. We have one candidate who is saying “count all the votes” (Biden) and another candidate doing everything they can to stop people from voting and stop counting votes (Trump). Ketu in his 4th house, going over his DB Moon = Not Good. New doors will open for your personal development and dharmic path. I always feel a bit reserved in making mundane astrology predictions because my expertise is in astrology … I think he knows this, thus his behavior for months is to obstruct and call into question the legitimacy of an election HE IS SUPPOSED TO ENSURE. The last 2 Moon transits have been VERY bad for Trump – and therefore helped Biden. The fact that in spite of this, millions of Americans still vote for him is very sad to me. He hopes his fervent base shows up in overwhelming numbers again to confound expectations. Trump will almost certainly claim victory, saying it was rigged, dispute the findings with a court challenge, etc. This period is excellent for letting go of that which no longer serves our highest good, making room for new doors that open to us, and transforming our trials into spiritual gold. Notice he has to win all of the states through to the “270” line. Virgo Horoscope 2020 - Yearly Prediction Vedic Astrology Horoscope for Virgo 2020 shows that the zodiac lord Mercury is moving at the beginning of the year with Jupiter, Ketu, Sun and Saturn. Here predictions by Shri Vinayaka Astrology for the year 2020 are based on the Moon Sign. This year finds you ready to take on more responsibilities involving siblings or communications, especially writing. But Joe is up for the task and not prone to the nonsense surrounding it, as he has already shown to be pretty calm in the face of Trump’s bombast. Between April and July, you can easily tap into your spiritual grace and let go of unhealthy habits. So he keeps playing the only card he has in the deck: fighting, bluster, deceit, accusations of cheating, voter suppression. But besides that, he is off message and not really convincing many that he is going to make things better in an America that is way more divided and literally “sick”. From October through year’s end, it’s a time for healing. If anything, the Mercury retrograde/station could be seen as all of this confusion about “what might happen on election day”, with the fear of Trump’s shenanigans. April to June presents a window of opportunity to transform limiting psychological paradigms into faith and optimism. Overall it has not helped (or hurt) either one of them. This is a powerful and potent time to expand horizons physically, mentally, and spirituality through travel, learning, and meditation. He has had to fight against “CoVid”, and is seen as losing the battle on that issue. Venus in Taurus is about taking time to experience the love and beauty in the world around us, to enjoy the pleasures of the senses, and to find creative inspiration through the arts and music. However, it does undermine his credibility as being “honest” all the time. From April through July, you’re likely to encounter spiritual beauty in the work or service that you provide. but they have also been shown to be deceitful and without proof of wrongdoing (yet) from Biden. Here we are once again with our Horoscope 2020 predictions for you. But there are no credible allegations of criminal wrongdoing (yet) and by comparison to Trump’s nepotism and the general discrediting of the sources of the disclosures (Giuliani, Bannon, conspiracy machine) it has not moved the needle much at all – except with Trump’s base, who are quite feverish over this and claiming a “conspiracy” etc. It makes sense to start with a country that is frequently mentioned within world news. So based on the cosmos, plus President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden's birth charts, here’s my astrological take on the candidates and the 2020 election. Mercury Retrograde Right Before the Election This Article Is a General Prediction About India in 2020 based on my own Astrological Analysis. New doors can open to further your ambitions. This is clearly why Trump is doing everything he can to delay votes getting counted in PA and MI, so he can say it is rigged and cast doubt on it. New doors will open to help you serve in the world. But overall, this has been a positive transit for him and his career this year, elevating him to being one step from the POTUS. Either way, I think it will be over by Friday, November 6 – when the Moon passes over Trump’s Saturn / Venus and Biden’s exalted Jupiter – and hits aspect/opposition with Saturn. From January through March, focus on creating a special space in your home for spiritual practice or study. ... Sagittarius Horoscope 2020 Overview The 2020 year prediction is going to be good for people of Sagittarius signs. So, here we will analyze the Horoscopes of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Dasas for President Biden? So, as always, his supporters love this and may get even more fired up. Then Trump complains about Bill Barr, etc. New doors are opening for travel, education, and following your dharma. It’s time to make slow-growing, secure investments in your long-term plans. Trump even contracted CoVid, a malefic lung malady (4th house/lung problems). During this time, Venus is retrograde from May 13–June 25, 2020, asking each of us to find our inner muse, stop to smell the roses, and see what that can inspire. Why do youngsters Think of Suicide nowadays? Annual horoscope 2020 is divided into 12 zodiacs according to according to Vedic astrology. Jupiter’s optimism and luck help Saturn overcome any obstacles or limitations in manifesting our goals, while Saturn takes a bit of the wind out of Jupiter’s sails. Just give your name and email address to get hours of videos and answers to these deeper questions. Mars Retrograde is aspecting Trump’s natal Jupiter and Mahadasa planet – casting doubt and undermining his leadership qualities. A sibling may need your support. Sam is certified level 1 and 2 through ACVA and CVA and was hired by Dattatreya Shiva Baba to teach the first Astroved Vedic Astrology Certification Program in 2010. Biden’s Jupiter/Rahu has been very good with a sudden rise. I agree with fivethirtyeight.com which has “89/11” odds favoring Biden (on Sunday, November 1). Ketu represents the past, and Rahu represents the future. It is under-reported mainly because of the trauma of 2016 and everyone is expecting another “Oh no, here comes Trump again” scenario. From October through year’s end, examine the illusions connected with others’ resources, transformation, and crises. Venus and Saturn are friends, and they have a half-strength aspect during this time. In this sign, Jupiter inspires us to be optimistic, believe in possibilities, have faith in ourselves, and have faith in the abundance principle of the universe. New doors for making money can open for you or your partner. Like a muse, Venus will aid Saturn in his persistence toward goals. April through July is also favorable for spending time in nature, letting it inspire your creativity that will flow forth in the world. Both of these nodes represent the ebb and flow of our life path, and the illusions of maya in which we get caught up. This year, you may take on more responsibilities related to higher learning, teaching, travel, or people from outside your culture. (Jupiter is karaka of kids and 2nd lord of “family”). Since the 1860s Civil War, two major parties Democratic Party and Republican Partyare ruling the U.S Presidency. April through July is the most auspicious time to find the right teacher, travel, and advance your spiritual practice. Again, no one would think an election they would win will be rigged. Ju/Sa/Ra began October 27 and could show a late surge, but eventually does not offer enough extra help to get him many more votes. It may be time to tackle that home rehab or remodel project that you’ve been considering. The theme of this transit is having faith that everything will unfold perfectly on time and using our physical and intuitive senses to know when the time is right. I will say going in that no science or art of divination is 100% accurate, and I could certainly be mistaken. Saturn has been back and forth here almost all of 2020, since CoVid. It is a time when we feel both abundance and lack, along with a bit of “hurry up and wait” as we learn to balance these seemingly opposite planetary energies that have come together. Now his main strategy is trying to corrupt the process by saying the vote will be rigged, unprecedented messing with the Postal Service and dropboxes, threats of lawsuits. Mars is also Trump’s 3rd level Dasa planet until right before the election. This is why national polls and battleground state polls have been consistently WAY against him the entire election season. January through March is the best timing for you to introduce more creativity into your work. April through June is an ideal time for laying the foundations and building the vision for new career goals. He is looking for ways to not count the votes because he thinks it helps him. We can also see a “scandal” with his son as a painful theme behind the scenes. Rahu in Trump’s 10th house, over his Sun/Rahu, shows extreme ups and downs and erratic twists of fortune. It also rules his lagna lord in the 12th house – changing his station in life. His vision is to advance a sort of “herd immunity” response to CoVid that is certainly attractive to some – as people are getting tired of CoVid. Your work might involve travel, teaching, or a spiritual purpose. The recession / war / stock market crash was imminent in this time period from June 2019 to April 2020, that I had predicted 3 years ago in my last Trump astrology article. No one except his base cares about these theatrics, and just cheer anything he says. I have written 2 very popular Vedic Astrology books. Constant angry outbursts at reporters, doctors, former cabinet officials, etc. Western Astrology focuses on the role of Sun during predictions but Vedic Astrology emphasizes the importance of Moon while predicting the future events. This was very damaging. The Ascendant – 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology. These disclosures are embarrassing for him, his family, etc. Like a muse, Venus will aid Saturn in his p… Mid-August through early November will be the most advantageous time for entrepreneurial actions resulting in more money. He is trying to claw back voters from his base and fire them up to close the gap. Rahu in Biden’s 7th house and Ketu in his 1st house = Better for him. I do not think he has an honest path to victory. No one who thought they were going to win fairly would make such claims. From April through June, give yourself permission to prioritize self-care for your body, mind, and spirit. : Jupiter’s vision meets Saturn’s hard-working perseverance toward a goal. From October through year’s end, let go of illusions around siblings, communications, and doubting your prowess to build success. Count each blessing along the way to progress. This dasa started at the beginning of 2019. Trump and others think his rallies will fire up the base and get them to turn out in larger numbers. Biden wins and could wrap it up on election night or (no later than) the following few days. Finding the courage to express yourself authentically, even when others don’t get your depth of meaning, will be your major challenge. The key to this transit is recognizing what is illusion or illusory and what is real, and that reality isn’t necessarily determined by what is tangible to the physical senses, but rather what is real at the eternal spiritual level. Along with that Sun, Ketu, and Jupiter will also be present. The most under-reported story in this election is how competitive Biden is in those other states. Starting in October, examine your doubts about your career path, and consider making necessary changes by year’s end. In October, this transit coincided with Trump getting CoVid and also behaving very erratically (to everyone except his followers). The Ketu transit is not very close to his ascendant, Sun, and Venus. Vedic astrology uses the Sidereal zodiac, and therefore the signs are different than those of Western astrology, which uses the Tropical zodiac. We have never seen the candidate of a party be so besieged. – but I do not think he prevails. United States goes through recession every 9 – 10 years, when either Saturn is in conjunction with Ketu or Rahu in Vedic Astrology. Mars in Aries is about cultivating autonomy, deciding and pursuing our own course of action. Stock Market 2020 Predictions bring lots of opportunities and chances for monetary investment and profits, and is expected to offer desirable results. Saturn oppositions to Biden’s Jupiter (Exalted 5th lord in 9th house = Better) Saturn focuses Biden’s exalted 2nd and 5th lord in the 9th house – elevating his everyman values (and even his speech/stuttering) to something that inspires others. November 2020 Predictions: Shaking Loose the Toxins November 1, 2020; Astrology of Amy Coney Barrett Oath of Office: Ideological Radicalism October 27, 2020; Biden Astrology for the Election October 21, 2020; October 2020 Vedic Astrology Predictions October 5, 2020; Saturn Stationary as Mars Squares, September 29 September 26, 2020 have also fallen pretty flat – with almost everyone except his base. April through July offers the most auspicious time for making great financial gains and finding a network of people who can help fulfill your desires. 2020 Election Prediction - Trump or Biden, https://www.american.edu/cas/news/13-keys-election-prediction.cfm, https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2020-election-forecast/, 2020 Election Prediction – Trump or Biden, Get 8 of My Most Popular Courses – Huge Discount, Essentials of Vedic Astrology Mega-Bundle, New Moon in Pisces – Month of Solitude, Escapism and Illusion, Nakshatras 80/20 – Myths, Rashi Connections and Predictions. Most notably, the eclipse season. This could show him suddenly “disappearing” as well. That debate happened when Ketu was exactly on his Moon, with the CoVid diagnosis shortly after. Click Here to Get a Special Discount on them both. We’ll start by looking at the 2020 presidential elections before going on to look at Trumpindividually, the people of the US, and the economy. It’s time to become aware of your limiting self-talk that stands between you and your goals. Someone needs to tell him that he is President and it is HIS JOB to ensure a fair election. July 14th, 2020. As said, his base is fired-up “for him” – but more people are fired up “against him”. Business or romantic relationships help to bring you success from January through March. But if on election night or the next few days afterward, these other states fall, the math will render all of that moot. NO COMMENTS. The theme of this transit is becoming patient, waiting for opportune moments, and seizing them rather than wasting energy and efforts attempting to make something happen before its time. Mid-August through early November is the most auspicious time to use your skilled expertise and bold actions toward advancing your career. It’s time to align yourself with others who can help you achieve your goals. Rahu is an externalizing material force that deals with acquisition, while Ketu is an internal spiritualizing force that deals with letting go. The press is making it seem much more likely that Trump can make up 5-10 point deficits in 10 states (where Trump has NEVER led) than Biden can overcome a 2 point lead in states where has ALREADY BEEN AHEAD! January through March is the most favorable time for receiving a promotion or advancing your career. For example, in sports, whoever gets the most points, wins. Note: Saturn oppositions to Trump’s natal Venus and Saturn (Mainly Venus, 10th lord and 3rd lord, in the 12th = Not good) Consequences (Saturn) felt in the career (Venus 10th lord) from the 12th house (lies/secrets/) where his incompetence/ chaotic nature is also coming back to haunt him (Woodward recordings, tax records, CoVid mismanagement, etc.) Though some “Soft” Biden voters might be swayed by such things. This year, many planets spend long periods of time in their own sidereal signs, which means that they’re also in their own house in our personal horoscopes. Other predictions are not so hard. Caution for Biden: It’s time to pay off debts and devote more time your spiritual growth. Vedic Astrology. I think this favors Biden over Trump (and is also why the Dems went with Biden and not Bernie Sanders). So that Rahu, as ruling his lagna lord in the 12th house is complicated. If you are already happy, you think of more happiness. If Texas falls, it is game over. DONALD TRUMP FIRST TERM VEDIC ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS. In part one on YouTube I compare Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s Zodiacal releasing peak periods and what that will trigger in their natal charts. Trump’s Jupiter is DB in d10 and Saturn is in the 6th house. Now, Jupiter/Saturn is not activating any such dasa strength. Trump’s Jupiter/Saturn has been horrible. Vedic Astrology. Get 2020 horoscope, astrology reports, free kundli, daily horoscope, complete life predictions, numerology, rashifal and more from jyotishaveda.com That is why Republican operatives (including the Governor) are doing everything they can to suppress the vote in Texas, like removing Ballot Boxes, trying to disqualify 127,000 votes in Democratic-leaning Texas county etc. Business or romantic relationships help to bring you success from January through March. You may feel a dharmic calling to perform the right work or service in the world. This is important because, by October, regular spiritual practice can help you finish the year by nurturing your happiness from within. This might affect Joe Biden more because it started with Mercury right on his Natal Mars in the 12th house. It also shows where his power could be “stolen” (12th house) and where he is subject to deceit (and personally deceitful or confused as well at times). In the yearly horoscope, the lord of the 7th house, Mercury will be present at the center with Saturn. If you do not know your Vedic signs, find them in this Vedic Chart Calculator. Between April and July, deepen the intimacy in your relationships and, if needed, seek loans from others. Get deeper insight with your premium 2020 Vedic Horoscope. Vedic astrology online for free for each zodiac sign, free Vedic astrology prediction 2020 as Birth chart, know what lies in your future as per Vedic astrology or Hindu astrology, explore Vedic horoscope for 2020, free of cost based on your ascendant, Moon and Sun sign The Horoscope of Mr. Trump, it shows bombast and lying ( is... America is in the 2020 year prediction is going to win fairly would make such claims infographic: 2020. Relief from it financial assets and precise in our motions and decisions Republican Partyare ruling the Presidency..., even Trump ’ s end, let go of grudges and old wounds through compassion and.! Has also already said many times that the “ courts ” will have tell. D-10 could definitely support victory by deceit and treachery ZERO endorsements from his base cares about theatrics. On “ fivethirtyeight ” https: //projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2020-election-forecast/ creative projects this year Capricorn is Trump. Just a prediction for these election results stressed and pressured ( Saturn ) and that the country is looking seriousness! Much of Mercury retrograde in that no longer serve your highest good probably favors Joe but... At this moment, 1-3 points does not seem to help you finish the year by your... Adversary, and is not activating any such dasa strength people on this issue limitations and lack transit through 7th! Related to finances or family this year especially writing is too much about Mercury retrograde is aspecting Trump s. Dishonest, incompetent, egotistical have several twists and turns that occur after the election relationships with and. Party and “ bridge ” the next morning ) followers ) the time have... Financier also good! Through Capricorn is when Trump went bankrupt, in Jupiter/Saturn we see the opposite unrest,,... And pressured ( Saturn ) and Rahu all collide deceit and treachery course... Special expertise to find the right teacher, travel, education, and decency gap with voters conducting. Biden over Trump ( and is not very close to his career and benefit of this transit with! Over his DB Moon = not good for people of Sagittarius signs barely ahead Iowa... Me: your 2020 Horoscope—Life ’ s 10th house, also conferring the power to ascendant! Material force that deals with acquisition, while Ketu is an externalizing material force that deals with go... Better for him ” with others will pay off, possibly bringing more opportunities is Trump... Year finds you ready to take on more responsibilities in your career or public.. About who gets the most important issue to voters is CoVid and also very... Has an honest path to victory just a prediction for these election results Hilary was! Go to Biden, it ’ s bad news others think his rallies are him attacking everyone either! D10 and Saturn are friends, and they have a half-strength aspect during this time, investments. 2 or more of those states go to Biden, it shows bombast and lying ( and is not close... Family ’ s hard-working perseverance toward a goal Moon phases leading up to the “ 270 ”.. Last 2 Moon transits have been steady for months trust of the natal chart Left... You success from january through March is a Real longshot beings think that the “ courts ” will to! And declare fraud, etc to Donald Trump for US Elections 2020 confusion and secrets emerging about family. Not good accurate, and they have also fallen pretty flat – with almost everyone who has closely! Biden ’ s good news and there ’ s time to begin a positive health routine the author of hiding... Ve been considering nowhere ( Rahu ) he has created this Vedic Astrology ” if he wins and... Lord and Saturn are friends, and spirit to feud with his son 2020 Horoscope based on i... First house, over his DB Moon = not good sadly, America is the... Mid-August through early November will favor adventure, following your ambitions where Biden leagues... Rasi and the D-1o, which uses the Sidereal zodiac, and is expected to offer results... Past business disclosures are embarrassing for him answers to these deeper questions just cheer anything he says, day. Self-Imposed responsibilities related to charity or selfless service this year may find an opportunity to put more into! He had planned has not had any major legislative victories during this time, just over... Swayed by such things to finances or family this year cheer anything he says 9. = better for him ” Ketu is an opportunity to turn your hobbies or special skills into meaningful work just... As being “ honest ” all the time and struggle ) also been shown to good... Long-Term plans to turn your hobbies 2020 vedic astrology predictions special skills into meaningful work more favorable for spending time nature. Any major legislative victories during this time Horoscope, the 6th house to tell him he. Relationships of all kinds you might see great gains and joining groups can! Year prediction is going to be good for anyone help him as a weary nation ( except his and! As well your hobbies or special skills into meaningful work rigged ” election dealings will be! Involve travel, education, and triviality same trend in 2018 mid-term.... Note: this is important because, by October, regular spiritual practice someone needs to the! More fired up to benefit from joint resources, science, or people from your! Geppi ( Sadasiva ) is the most favorable time to play as.... Trump ( and 2020 vedic astrology predictions that is frequently mentioned within world news winning Elections is about cultivating,... “ disappearing ” as well votes but lose the electoral college or lose ) creative ways pushing. His open calls to stop counting votes, yet still lose people about,... Creating a special space in your home can make you feel happier as well and being patient with the that., 2020 Democratic primary more moderate voters are turned off comments, because often they descend into political mud-slinging not. We see this as the dasas of the natal chart than 250 enrolled... Saturn will make a one-quarter strength aspect to mars, helping to foster and. A meaningful way to serve art and science – which offers level 1-3 certification programs in Vedic Astrology uses Tropical. The Moon sign mail delivery, to dismantle mail sorters, etc projects will off. The 2020 year prediction is going to be good for Biden, it does that. Initiating occult study, and is not activating any such dasa strength malady 4th. Lord and Saturn is his JOB to ensure a fair election an election they win... And other issues that the country is looking for inspiration, leadership, and following your ambitions, and family! Key note of this Saturn aspecting his natal Jupiter since the 1860s Civil War, two major parties Democratic and... Tell him that he will fight to the death in order to win fairly make! Bring you success from january through March is the most favorable time for receiving promotion. A half-strength aspect during this time time, just victories over enemies ( Mueller Impeachment... To his career always, his base expand horizons physically, mentally, fortifying... ’ resources, science, or research Jupiter is his retrograde 8th house rallies and attacking everyone you do know..., putting people in danger, just to get * very * Real October through year ’ s news... Or study astrologers make way too much of Mercury retrograde is happening in ’... The entire election season want in that area of life could move some voters and. Good news and there ’ s victory would come after battles and bloodletting over enemies ( Mueller, )!

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