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. If you’re interested in doing this challenge, here is the checklist I created to help keep me on track. But you have to make sure that you don’t take alcohol and don’t do the cheat meals. So, they can also change their life. What Is 75Hard? It will help you to go through further. 75 Hard Challenge. You just have to follow it 100%. I’m currently on day 35 and have continued to document it so another video will be coming soon as I approach the 1/2 way point! No. If I was to stumble on day 74, then I go back zero and have to start again. Every day after you do the mentioned rules and follow its strictly, mark on the checklist to say you did it. So last week I was issued a challenge via email from Andy Frisella in regards to bettering oneself over the next 75 days. A post shared by Andy Frisella MFCEO (@andyfrisella) on Mar 30, 2020 at 6:12pm PDT. The first challenge for your 30 days of self care YAY! If you’re feeling like me my advice is to do the same. I will use this opportunity to the max degree to improve myself & my companies and my local community. I did the minimum amount to stay in the Marine Corps for another 5 years. What is 75 Hard #75Hard: Documenting My Experience With The 75 Hard Challenge January 1, I embarked on an interesting journey; I decided to start the 75 Hard Challenge (scroll to the bottom of the post for my updated journal on my progress. Well, there are not many templates you need to perform this 75 Hard challenge. My Current Challenge: I will get these ten things done everyday for the next 75 days –. No excuses, no stopping, no missing anything. . However, the checklist will definitely make you easier to know the things you’ve done and the things you need to do. The checklist tasks are generally written in such a way as to either give credit for completion or not. In March 2019, Andy Frisella, a motivational speaker, podcaster, author, and supplement company owner, talked about the 75 Hard Challenge on his podcast, Real AF. . And the workout should be done 45 minutes every time. . People talk about having more grit, more discipline, and more drive. If you haven’t finished the first and original 75 Hard Challenge, don’t do something else to make it harder or easier. That’s all crap. I have zero tolerance for nonsense of any form. Have you thought about trying the 75Hard Challenge? At least you have to drink 4 liters per day. I really want my side hustles to be pushed forward (this being one of them) and that’s one of my focuses. I was slacking in as little as a week after getting done with the first challenge. Drink a gallon of water a day 3. So, I went back to day 1. Every day after you do the mentioned rules and follow its strictly, mark on the checklist to say you did it. One that shouldn’t be made more difficult by out of touch politicians & media who honestly have no fucking comprehension of what its like for the “real people” (all of us) in America. Im going to keep winning my days. is the checklist I created to help keep me on track. However, Im not feeling great about some of the things Im witnessing in the world right now. You must also include the outdoor workout. Many TikTokers has also claimed that they have lost so many weights by following this challenge. Its very frustrating for me to observe what is happening right now for so many reasons. Focus on what you actually can control and contribute to and win at that. Another day, another TikTok challenge – only this one doesn’t have a catchy tune in the background. Then they started to fade. As already mentioned on the rule of 75 Hard challenge, it’s not necessary to follow the specific diet plan. Not only that but it will also make you easier to do it … It’s doesn’t have to be specific but it should not contain the alcohol and other cheat meals. In order to maintain consistency, make sure to make a checklist of your 75 Hard Challenge. Complete the Mission or die trying. Strict Diet – No Cheating, not even one bite, and No Alcohol! This sounds easy, but it isdefinitelydifficult! . The structure and daily wins will put you in an odd place of feeling great personally regardless of the darkness of the situation. Then I got out and started doing less and less for the last 15 years. of Days I have completed till the date of publishing this article: I have completed 52 days out of the 75 days of the challenge. 75 Hard Results: I Finished and Feeling Great, Day 74 of 75 Hard: Finish Strong Motivation, Day 66 of 75 Hard: What to do if you miss a goal, Day 10 of 75 Hard: The Secret to Accomplishment. No excuses, no stopping, no missing anything. . I finished the original challenge and slacked for two weeks, and I didn’t like it, so I’m doing another challenge to keep myself going strong, learning, and making my life better. Unlike other challenges, this Hard challenge has some rules. What is Andy Frisella's 75 Hard Program Rules? It’s 75 days to being better then you are right now. Strict Diet – No Cheating, not even one bite, and No Alcohol! If you miss something, or cheat, you go back to day 1! Also, do different random tasks like do something kind to talk to someone daily. Most people simply tell you to find it in yourself, or you will just build it over time. Then, I failed. You can The real trial is starting over at day one if you slip up even once. The 75 Hard Challenge is trending on TikTok, but is this fitness challenge by Andy Frisella actually healthy? Im focused. I’ll talk about why I tried this challenge, why I failed, what I learned, why it’s important to love myself, and how you can modify 75 Hard to be more realistic. Do 5 things a day for 75 days. Then September 11th happened and made me focus on all of the things. It will help you to go through further. . And make sure you take your photos every day to see the changes. The things I would normally talk to you guys about regarding success or entrepreneurship are irrelevant to me right now because Im literally witnessing the destruction of peoples lives daily. The challenge creator has clearly mentioned that all you need to do is follow the diet plan as your choice. Making the world a better place by making you better and then making the people around you better. Maybe you have already heard of this challenge - the 75 hard challenge by Andy Frisella who runs The MFCEO podcast (I think the top business podcast for over two years). Can you set your own mission that you 75 Day Challenge – #75HARD March 11, 2019 by Wil Very Quick Post. Well, as it is concerned with health and weight loss, it’s good to follow the rules and do it the right way. Drink plenty of water every day. I feel fucking great. This challenge creator Andy Frisella has mentioned that if you follow these rules strictly, then you’ll have a very well and maintained body. My health is horrible because my physical fitness sucks, and that’s something that needs to be fixed. It's an intense 75-day challenge designed by Andy Frisella from the Real AF podcast as a mental challenge to help you "take complete control of your life." Trust me once you are a couple days in you will understand! Show the fuck up for yourself & give it everything you got regardless of your feelings. Some folks online have tried the challenge and loved it. . Do you want to be better then you are right now? The Rules of 75 Hard: 1. Its an extremely difficult situation no doubt. The Challenge: Do 5 things a day for 75 days. If you miss something, or cheat, you go back to day 1! . Im tenacious and aggressive. The Mental Side It is hard to see the mental part of this challenge until you start. And he explains this in the podcast about this challenge 75 Hard Challenge Rules The rules seem pretty simple but they’re designed to collectively be a challenge. Everyone is loving this life challenge and helping people to know about it. Here's what the 75Hard Challenge really entails, including the pros and cons. That’s disturbing actually. . And the other one is the checklist to keep the record of the number of days you’ve done the challenges. Boot camp in 1998 started that process and got me moving. Two Workouts per Day – At least one outside and both at least 45 minutes each, Drink One Gallon of Water per Day – Nothing but clear, plain water counts, Read Ten Pages per Day – Non-Fiction self help or business book, Work on creating content on my side hustle for at least 30 minutes. And for this 75 Hard Challenge, the rules are like. . . Read this first. . . . 75 Hard Challenge Daily Checklist Drink one gallon of water every day. Lemon water has a variety of health benefits and is rich in vitamin C! Now with Andy and his 75 Hard program I have found something that will push my mental toughness back to where it should be and help jump start my physical fitness. Not me! Do you want to create discipline, grit, and drive? Pick a diet or eating plan and stick to it with absolutely NO CHEAT MEALS and NO You can know it yourself whether you have done it or not without the checklist. Yayyy for… DAY 50 follow along w/ my 75Hard journey on ig(: ##75hard ##fitness, What is 75 Hard Challenge On TikTok? Im creative. It’s a great beverage, especially for flu season. Im confident. I loved the way I was feeling and what I was accomplishing on the first challenge and wanted to do another one. To make sure you stick to your water goal, grab afun water bottle that makes it easy to keep track and stay motivated. I grew better, harder, and tougher mentally and physically. 6.4k Members (It has been indulgent). We didn’t want to judge too harshly, so we started researching what experts had to say about the guidelines on the All you need is a rule list so that you make sure to do the things every day and follow it strictly. Having been inspired by the 75 Hard challenge I saw online, I considered doing an edited version of it, basically to drag my body and mind kicking and screaming out of the summer. Do the work out two times a day. How to COMPLETELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE @afrisella ##75hard ##75hardchallenge ##growyourmind ##successmindset ##imaboss ##mfceoproject ##mfceo. To understand more about this challenge, go through the details below. This isn’t a time for political bickering and agendas by anyone… . It’s what Marines do. In order to maintain consistency, make sure to make a checklist of your 75 Hard Challenge. Day 1: Start your day with a glass of lemon water. I’m all in, and this is my journey through the program. Do you want to get more things done, have more discipline, and be more? Exercise twice each day for 45 minutes - one of these workouts must be outdoors 2. So last week I was issued a challenge via email from Andy Frisella in regards to bettering oneself over the next 75 days. You can join us here. Two Workouts per Day – At least one outside and both at least 45 minutes each. Ive always told you thats the secret: . Also, it will help you to know the number of days you’ve done. Do the original as written first, then if you like the way it made you feel and what happened to your life, you can alter it a little and make things happen in certain areas of your life. Could you do it? I have all the things #75HARD creates in spades. Now with this challenge I’m working on the discipline, mental roughness and confidence. Im sharp. In 2002 I was assigned to an anti-terrorism unit with a huge training budget and lots of time for training. I didn’t do the work to keep in shape and I quit doing hard things. Here's what experts have to say about the 75 Hard … We deserve better than this from our leaders. I started this program because I wanted something to give me the grit, mental toughness, and physical harness I use to have. Well, this is very good that TikTok creator has come up with these ideas- the idea of making a challenge that is related to your health. Which Too easy? For 75 days I did 5 tasks that would improve my health, diet, and mental toughness. . I jumped in and was super pumped to try it! . The big caveat of this whole challenge is that it must be for 75 consecutive days. . 75 Days to Gain Grit and Mental Toughness, (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}). Before, I wasn’t disciplined when it comes to eating something. . 75 Day Challenge - #75HARD - Wilbert Rogers March 2019 Very Quick Post. . All of them. . The 75 Hard Challenge is the brainchild of entreprenteur and Real AF … Not only that but it will also make you easier to do it wisely without any confusion. Ive field dozens and dozens of phone calls from people who have lost their companies, their jobs…and yes their loved ones. And I made it easier for my self. A community for people doing 75HARD, a 75-day challenge designed to cultivate mental toughness, created by Andy Frisella of the MFCEO/REAL AF Podcasts. . While usually we know in ourselves what we need to focus on or what would make a positive change to our lives, here is a list of 75 30-day challenge ideas to get your imagination going: Sleep for 8 hours every night Track your spending daily Plan your day the night before I feel like now more than ever the world needs REAL leaders that have integrity and have their interests aligning with the interests of this country and the world. And people are also loving this challenge as this is trending on TikTok with more than 33 million views in just a few days. . The other is my physical fitness. Hope you are along for the ride. 75 Hard Diet For the challenge, you can pick any type of diet you want. . I learned, and earned these traits when I went to Boot Camp to become a United States Marine in 1998. And the 75 Hard Challenge creators and TikTokers have claimed that this challenge will completely change your life. She says that she began the challenge this spring. Back in March, I started doing the 75Hard challenge by Andy Frisella. Program Tracker on this challenge is to make sure you are doing the challenge properly. Starting a fitness plan will take your physical and mental health to the next level, whether you're a beginner or exercise regularly. This is the time to execute on that. . After that I spent time in Iraq in combat in 2003, after that life got easy. Learn about the 75 Hard Challenge! Rylee Jade, a 22-year-old fitness trainer in Indiana, is on day 61 of 75 Hard. Well, it’s not very much necessary to make a checklist as the rules are not so long. At that point I was on a roll with everything else in the challenge and I didn’t want to start over, so I continued on crossing off the no alcohol part of the challenge. Until now, there are a number of trends in health, weight loss, and diet. Rules, Checklist and Template Details. Many TikTok personalities are doing this challenge and it is working on them very effectively. Somewhere around 30 days into 75 Hard I ended up drinking. Follow a diet as you like. Exercise twice each day for 45 minutes – one must be outdoors. . The goal of the 75 Hard Challenge isn’t to improve your mental toughness, it’s to motivate you to unconsciously spread his name, his brand, and his supplement company to your friends. Its all I can do. 75 Hard Challenge is the challenge of TikTok about health and diet. Day 22 of #75HARD 2020. . …and I feel we lack them. What do you think of my challenge? It makes me extremely concerned for the future watching everything unfold and feeling like the people running shit are still only worried about tearing each other apart instead of coming together to overcome as Americans and Citizens of Humanity. I was U.S. Marine and could outlast, out do, out pull, out run, and just flat out out do almost every person out there. 75 HARD will teach you how to completely transform your life through consistent action over the course of 75 days. Some people do get that lucky and these traits are simply absorbed because they want them. The 75 Day Hard Challenge on TikTok was created by Andy Frisella. Instead of just repeating it, I’m doing a different version trying to push my life forward in certain areas. . The 75 day challenge was the first challenge that was to be completed in the series of about four challenges (we stopped after the second… oops) that was set up by the creator. Daily Checklist Challenge In a daily checklist challenge, participants are tasked with performing one or more specific tasks on a daily basis and then recording their completion.

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