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"By 1991 I had around 100,000 Pigeon Blood discus in my hatchery to keep up with the demand for this fish. Curipeua Red Discus Live Tropical Fish x 3. It started with a Golden Sunrise Discus, which is actually a hybrid of a Pigeon Blood Discus that was a mostly yellow variant and a wild caught Golden Discus. Overnight shipping on all orders. Rating Required. Item Information. Also known as the Yellow Checkerboard Discus. Review Subject Required. Out Of Stock. Name Email Required. Size is about 2 - 2.5 inches. £99.99. 49,00 € Questo articolo ... Discus Pigeon Blood 7/8 cm *OFFERTA* Aggiungi all'ordine. Through Selective Breeding, it was developed to have a much deeper Yellow coloration. Yellow Pigeon Discus. ATR Saltwater Livestock. The three winners were beautiful shape and very regular patterns. Yellow Pigeon Blood Discus. The pigeon blood category. Colour variations: Download PDF: Table of colours ... Pigeon Blood Silver Marlboro Red Solid Fire Red Pigeon Blood Snake Dark Angel Checkerboard: Leopard Snake Skin: German Wonder. Yellow Pigeon Discus This is one vibrantly colored Discus. Yellow Pigeon Blood Discus. ... 5 X Discus Mix Tropical Fish Beautiful Discusmodo Colour Pigeon Red Yellow Blue. Out Of Stock. We recommend feeding yellow pigeon blood discus our DM Yellow Beefheart Mix which is enhanced with yellow chlorophyll, to keep that unique coloration. New Discus Fish For Sale! Discus Pigeon Yellow 8/9 cm *OFFERTA* saldo. 20 bids. High quality aquarium fish at the lowest prices online and shipped right to your door. Add to Wishlist. It was developed around 2004 in Thailand. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. prezzi concorrenziali e sconti su quantità Come sempre chi prima arriva più scelta ha! Download this picture of Pigeon blood discus for FREE! $113.85. Log in for pricing. $113.85. This category will be part of those who have collected fewer participants with albinos and yellow discus. Out Of Stock. Checkerboard Wrasse. Pigeon Blood Discus: Created in 1991 by Thailand breeder “Kitti Phanaitthi”, Pigeon Bloods have a bright white, sometimes cream-colored body with bright red striations and, most notably, a solid black tail. Discus Pigeon Yellow 8/9 cm *OFFERTA* Nuovo. $79.99. Archived Auction # fwdiscus1577212594 - Yellow Pigeon blood discus - Ended: Tue Dec 24 12:36:34 2019. Vendita Discus Pigelon Blood 6,5 cm Esemplare. Breeding Pair of Pigeon Blood Discus Live Tropical Fish. This is one vibrantly colored Discus. The Siam Yellow Master is a recently developed Pigeon Blood derived strains. Discus Yellow Pigeon Blood Discus 9cm. Su di Noi DaniReef è il più vasto e completo blog dedicato all'Acquario Marino italiano fin dal 2007, sviluppato in due lingue, italiano ed inglese. Pigeon Blood Discus. Discus Pigeon Checkerboard 9cm. discus yellow, pigeon yellow, mellon, ecc Serra amatoriale "il Discus Fiorentino" per sfoltimento vasche vende DISCUS dai 8 agli 10 cm (Pigeon yellow, Pigeon blood, malboro, Yellow ecc), Italiani nati e cresciuti in acqua di rete abituati a mangiare di tutto, veramente fantastici, da vedere per credere! Pigeon Blood Discus should be a fed a variety of meaty foods such as white worms, blood worms, Tubifex worms, high protein pellets, and flake foods. Quick View. Discus Pigeon Blood 6,5 cm Famiglia: Cichlidae Origine: America meridionale (Amazzonia), compra online a prezzi ingrosso, consegna in 24h, Petingros. Checkerboard Pigeon Blood Discus Fish ( Possible Pair) Eruption Discus Fish (Possible Breeding Pair) Red Cover Discus Fish 5.5"+ Snow Leopard Discus Fish Possible Breeding Pair Red White Discus Fish 6" Snow White Discus Fish 5" Yellow White Discus Fish 6" Ring Leopard Discus Fish 5.5"-6" Add to cart. But the level of some participants was rather interesting. Price: US $149.99. Pigeon Blood, Yellow Discus, Shop By Breeder, Mr. Kitti Phanaitthi Yellow Pigeon Blood Discus. They are one of the most eye-catching Discus strains. £52.00. Sign in to check out Check out as guest . Discus Various 7cm. Condition:--not specified. Pigeon Blood Discus. Out Of Stock. Auctions for Discus Category - Sun Dec 6 08:45:46 2020. They should not be housed with aggressive fish or with intense lighting and strong water currents. $113.85. At Myrtle Beach Discus, our discus are hand picked from internationally recognized breeders.Our breeding pairs … Thousands of free images to choose from. Description **IMPORTANT NOTE: Yellow pigeon blood discus fish coloration will be impacted by colored food. 2 customer reviews|Add a review $ 55.00 – $ 168.00. Comments ... Yellow Marlboro Discus. Ending Thursday at 9:11PM GMT 1d 21h Collection in person. $139.00. Yellow Pigeon Discus, Large. Discus Color variations » Colour variations. New photos added daily. They are one of the most eye-catching Discus strains. Quick view. Discus fish love the company of members of their own species (Cichlid Behavioural Characteristics) and should be kept in groups of … Check out our SPECIALS on Discus and Cichlids! Out Of Stock. Out Of Stock. Su DaniReef potete trovare notizie ed informazioni nell'ambito degli acquari marini di barriera, sugli acquari di acqua dolce e su tutto il settore che vi gira attorno. £29.00 postage. Invia ad un amico *: *: * Condividi su Facebook! 10 small (5 black, 5 Silver) angle fish $10 each or 10 for $55 2 medium angle fish $15 each 2 bristlenose catfish $25 each 1 small Discus $45 1 medium Discus 95 Fish food all of them for $30 Or you can buy the whole thing including the tank (tank is 30L) and the accessories and aqua one glass heater 300w, plus the food for $420 Selling due to moving so I wouldn’t be able to take them with me. White Discus 9cm. Yellow Pigeon Blood Discus. The pigeon blood discus came about as a result of cross breeding a unique male striped turquoise discus with a golden base, black spots, and violet stripes from the Schmidt-Focke lineage (valued at nearly $3,000) with a female red turquoise discus of the same lineage, resulting in discus fish with coloration that had never been seen before. Out Of Stock. Log in for pricing. Discus Pigeon Blood 9cm. Log In Size: 4 - 4.5 inches. ID:8294918 "Pigeon Blood" is that translation and it sounded good to me, so I used it as the name. STENDKER Discus Fish live for up to 15 years, can reach a size of up to 21cm / 8” in diameter and are fully grown at the age of 2 to 2.5 years. Discus Tiger Turquoise 9cm. $56.35. See more of Sharp's Aquatic on Facebook. Discus Various 5cm. White Leopard. No Interest if paid in full in 6 mo on $99+Opens in a new window or tab* No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on $99+. Wide selection of species and sizes available for all types of freshwater aquariums. In stock. My Albino Pigeon Blood and Yellow Crystal I got two weeks ago from Kenny, paired off and this is thier 3rd spawn, first spawn in their own tank this time, and got it right:D. They spawned about 4 hours ago and and both taking care of the eggs, I have a hard time even getting near the tank, they are very protective. Visit us online today at The iFISH Store! Select options. Pigeon Blood Discus are a selectively bred or man-made species of Discus that typically have a creamy yellowish to the orange base color, highlighted by bright red eyes and trimmed off in black stripes and spots. Abbiamo 186 annunci per la tua ricerca Discus-pigeon-blood-silver. Pigeon Blood Discus. ATR Saltwater Livestock. With such vibrant colors and patterns, this is one gorgeous Discus that many hobbyist sought after! 5.00 out of 5 $ 55.00 – $ 168.00. Trova annunci di Discus-pigeon-blood-silver con prezzo da 0€. £51.00. The Next UPS Overnight Shipping Window Unlocks In: The Current UPS Overnight Shipping Window Closes In: Some … Pigeon Blood Discus require a minimum of 50 gallons that has plenty of plants and branching root. Red Leopard: Fire Leopard. Featuring over 30 different strains of the most sought after discus fish in the world, Myrtle Beach Discus breeds and imports some of the finest discus in the world. Quality and new generation of Pigeon Blood Discus are red eyes, less black dusting, richer reds, more white on the body. Please understand that the translation is exact words, but the idea was Golden Orange-Red." Il mio account » I miei ordini » Le mie note di credito 05-oct-2019 - Discus Fish Store descrubrió este Pin. Related Products. $169.00. Yellow Pigeon Blood Discus $ 55.00 – $ 168.00. 5.00 out of 5 .

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